The Finatical

Understandable Financial Knowledge.

A weekly financial newsletter written for students, by students. The Finatical is published every Tuesday and breaks down one large financial concept, provides overviews of recent financial trends, and includes numerous financial resources.

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The 3-2-1 Structure

3-part breakdown of a complex financial topic

Every week we dissect a large financial topic. Past topics include options trading, diversification, forex, 401(k)s, and CD Bank Accounts.

financial and macroeconomic trends

An concise overview of recent and trending financial and macroeconomic trends. This covers anything from inflation to international trade.

piece of financial guidance

We handpick a relevant piece of financial guidance by a prominent figure and explain how you can apply it to your financial journey.

The Team

Aditya Bagga

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Cupertino, CA

Sean Hwang


San Ramon, CA

Aniket Bose


Cupertino, CA

Ksheeraj Sanga


San Ramon, CA

Meghana Vinjamury


Cupertino, CA