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Accessible financial literacy knowledge.

Our Mission

Finatic’s goal is to educate the next generation of youth on crucial money management skills, fostering the confidence to make correct financial judgments and decisions. Through chapters, publications, handcrafted curriculum, interactive workshops, engaging informational videos, newsletters and social media we hope to provide accessible, informative financial literacy knowledge and raise awareness about financial illiteracy, an issue highlighted by COVID-19.

The Problem

Studies suggest that 43% of American adults are financially illiterate.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans can’t pass a basic test of financial literacy.

About Finatic


Finatic’s chapters aim to establish a network of passionate high schoolers across the globe wanting to learn about money management and spread awareness about the importance of financial literacy.

Chapters foster an environment through regular activities, events and project where members collectively expand their knowledge about personal finance and educate their community on similar concepts.