Chapter Curriculum

Learn about the curriculum we provide to our chapters.

Personal Finance

25+ Lessons, 20+ Hours

Learn about the gravitating statistics of financial illiteracy, the benefits of financial freedom and the parts of personal finance. 

Learn about the different ways you can earn, the financial considerations while pursuing higher education, how to create a resume, and tips during job interviews.

Learn about how a paycheck is broken down, the different types of taxes, how to file taxes, employee benefits, and other deductions.

Learn about the practical advantages in budgeting, a detailed overview on how to create a budget, disposable income basics, and incorporating debt into a budget.

Learn about the importance in  saving, how to create an emergency fund, the power of compound interest, what a 401k and IRA is, and how to set financial goals.

Learn about the types of debt, the process of getting a loan, what a credit score is, how to maintain a credit score and build credit, and the difference between credit and debit cards.

Learn about the importance in  investing, the types of investments, a thorough overview of the stock market, an introduction into options, penny stocks and derivatives, diversification, risk vs reward, and how to get started.

Learn about the types of financial threats, how to protect yourself against them, and what to do if you find yourself compromised.

The Financial Sector

6+ Lessons, 5+ Hours

Learn about the world of corporate finance, the types of careers and skills needed, the process to enter the workforce and realities of corporate finance: stress, long hours and discrimination.

Learn about what venture capital is, the process to attain capital, different stages in funding, venture capital vs angel investing vs private equity and corporate venture capital.

Learn about types of services investment banks offer, how investment banks make money, what due diligence goes into advising M&A’s, IPO’s, Debt Financing, etc, and the difference between advising boutique, middle-market and bulge bracket companies.

Learn about the world of private equity, their numerous strategies, main operations and the private equity secondary market.

Learn about hedging, hedge fund goals and strategies, the corporate structure of a hedge fund and the path to a career in hedge funds.

Learn about history-altering financial events such as the 2008 Housing Crisis, their causes and impacts.


15+ Lessons, 10+ Hours

Learn about the importance of investing and how it plays into your personal finances. 

Learn about the types of investments ranging from real estate to the stock market and different asset classes.

Learn about how the stock market works, what a stock is, different stock exchanges, ETFs and basic market trends.

Learn what diversification is, why it’s important, how to diversify your investments, what risk appetite is, and how it changes as you grow older.

Learn about what trading is, the difference between trading and investing, popular trading instruments, different trading strategies, and potential outcomes.

Learn about investment portfolios, considerations when making a portfolio, the risk level of stocks, and the steps to construct a portfolio.

Learn about the importance of research, how to research a stock and recommended tools to use.

Learn what a stock order is, market orders vs limit orders and how you can capitalize on orders.

Learn what Net Present Value (NPV) is, how it used to assess  the profitability of an investment, what Time Value of Money is and how to calculate NPV.

Learn what technical analysis, how it’s used in trading and to evaluate investments, and the process to identify opportunities.

Learn about factor analysis, and how to use it to analyze stocks and estimate risk.

Learn what a derivative is, types of derivatives and common instruments.

Community Service

4+ Lessons, 5+ Hours

90 minute crash course that focuses on expressing the importance of financial literacy and developing a basic understanding of money management concepts.

90 minute crash course that focuses on developing a complete understanding of money management concepts with a focus on how to apply them in college and when getting a first job.

3, 1 hour workshops that focus on developing a deep understanding of all money management concepts.

90 minute crash course that focus on developing a deep understanding in each part of personal finance.