By Puja Shah. Edited by Arjun Chandrasekar.


You’ve most likely seen really nice, expensive houses before and you’ve probably also thought that those who buy them are pretty wealthy. But have you ever wondered where such homes are located? Here are the five richest towns in the United States. 

  1. Atherton, California
    1. Located south of San Francisco and the heart of Silicon Valley, the homes in this neighborhood are generally worth, “a staggering $6,400,000,” according to Veranda. According to CNBC, the average income each household makes annually is around $525,324. As you can see, only the wealthiest can afford property here and famous residents include Sheryl Sandberg, Meg Whitman, and Eric Schmidt. 
  1. Scarsdale, New York
    1. Nicknamed the Richest Town on the East Coast, Scarsdale has much to offer from its close proximity to New York City to its cleanliness and tranquility to its beautiful Tudor-style architecture and great schools. However, keep in mind that this comes with a hefty price tag –  the average income is around $400,000 per year. This town is home to many actors and former cabinet members and government officials.
  1. Hillsborough, California
    1. Another town located south of San Francisco, “Hillsborough is home to several significant mansions in American architectural history,”  according to Veranda, and is known for its abundance in hills. The average annual household income of residents is around $300,000 and homes typically cost around $3,000,000 to $4,000,000.
  1. Cherry Hills Village, Colorado
    1. Cherry Hills Village is just outside of Denver and has many famous residents, such as athletes. The average household income is around $350,000 and homes tend to cost an average of $2,000,000.
  1. Los Altos Hills, California
    1. Another California city, Los Altos Hills is well known for having, “a rural character that evokes its agricultural past in spite of its recent infusion of Silicon Valley money,” according to Veranda. The typical annual income is around $400,000 and the house prices are in the high 4 million to the low 5 millions. Famous residents include Google Cofounder and Executive, Sergey Brin and Sundar Pichai.

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